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Manikang Sira ♥

19 | Filipina | Dancer | Volleyball Player | Rome, Italy ♥
Instagram: @ManikangSira

`I'm the type of person who easily TRUST someone who I barely knew.Well,that was long time ago.I kinda wise now choosing a right FRIEND.Real people and real friends.True friends will always be there for you no matter what, they won't STAB you when you are not around.That's why I have few friends now and they're true..less friends,less enemy.I love to help people who's in need.Also,I'm
simple (contented of what I have right now),good but bad to those people who badly annoy me,funny to be with (sharing jokes and make faces),have great sense of humor (I can assure you that u won't be bored if you are with me),caring,and loving.Just don't mess up with me,u'll regret when u see my EVIL side.I'll tell you what i think of you,and if you don't like it,well you would have been just as PISSED if i would have lied to you.

`well i can simply just say that i'm SIMPLE,people tend to think that i'm a SNOB.well,just ask my friends 'bout that!
i hate the feeling of being FED up. i hate people who are JUDGEMENTAL..i hate people who are so INDECOROUS trying to be someone else and mindin' other people's life! i just wanna ENJOY life. i can be happy even with simple things. i'm CRAZY! i'm not PERFECT. if you don't like me,well i don't like you either. i'm always MISUNDERSTOOD by others,but please don't JUDGE me as if you really know me.i'm emotionally WEAK i guess.i can be very MOODY at times.i'm UNIQUE just like everybody.
i totally love the color VIOLET!i never REGRET things that i have chosen to do çoz i know that everything i do has a PURPOSE.♥

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